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The Aviator game appeared in the Pin Up online casino and the players accepted this news with joy, quickly starting to earn money with the Aviator in Pin-Up. The advantages are obvious: the Pin-Up casino slot is new, which means that the winning odds will be maximum from the first time.


We offer our users not to stay away from big multipliers, but to register at the Pin Up online casino using our link on the official website and win at Aviator right now for real money.

Aviator slot machine from Spribe

The Pin Up website features the Aviator online slot from the creators of Spribe. This is a multiplayer game released to the mass market in 2019.


Pin up Aviator

As the creators of Aviator themselves say, they were among the first to create such a revolutionary new generation product according to advanced quality standards. If you describe the gameplay as simply as possible, then the user will see the aircraft, control panel and statistics. You must place a bet and collect the money before the vehicle leaves.

What can a player get in this original virtual entertainment on the official website or a Pin Up casino mirror? Ordinary gambling slot machines and a real opportunity to win go hand in hand. You can download the application from the mirror. However, despite the simplicity of the Aviator machine and the simplicity of its algorithms, sometimes patience is required to win.


Advantages of the game Aviator

To appreciate all the benefits, you need to understand how to win at Aviator. In general, the whole process is based on the flight of the aircraft across the screen and the curve becomes larger. The longer the main character flies, the more triumphant the victory.

If you bet a certain amount and decide to withdraw it, then the coefficient of 2.00 will no longer work. Congratulations, the 2X bet is back. In any case, you must click on the “Cash Out” button before the transport starts its activity.

The main advantage of the Aviator slot lies in the non-standard Pin Up casino gameplay. Throughout the flight, which can start at odds of 1.00 and even 1000. More chances of winning money make Aviator one of the most profitable slots for the user on the mobile site, log in to the official casino site.

Aviator pin up

Another positive side of Aviator is that users do not sit at the table alone in the Pin Up casino. This is a multiplayer slot machine where there is a special chat and you can chat or improve your social skills (social networks). Here, an experienced user can suggest winning strategies to more “green” strategies: do it without malicious intent; there is no more rivalry between users except on the official website of Fast Company Centrals Ltd)

The elements of the Spribe Aviator slot meet all modern standards.

  • sound adjustment,
  • Music setting,
  • Enable or disable animation,
  • bonus bets,
  • Demonstratively fair environment,
  • betting rules,
  • your rates,
  • mobile,
  • Game restrictions!

The advantage, of course, is that the Pin Up casino provider collects statistics on a per-user basis. If you look at the window at the top of the screen, you will see the winners of the last fifteen rounds.

How to start playing Aviator for money at Pin Up Casino

In order to imagine what an Aviator is on the Pin Up casino site, you must first create an account.

  • Click the “Aviator” button at the top of the page to go to the registration confirmation page.
  • Select the registration method, fill in the information on the screen, and wait for the registration confirmation email.
  • Then go to your personal account and select “Deposit”.
  • Make a deposit by following simple instructions at casino Pin Up Aviator for real money. You can download the application from the mirror.
  • After the money has been credited to your account at the Pin Up casino (usually it takes a few minutes) – select “Aviator” on the main screen in the top menu.

Registration on the official casino Pin-Up website for playing Aviator is a guarantee of financial security and fair play from Provably Fair. In addition, registration in the second part of Aviator Pinup allows you to instantly replenish your account, increase the balance of Pinup online casino without unnecessary difficulties, withdraw earned funds from the system through payment terminals or place bets on slot machines using the keyboard menu.

Bonuses and promo codes at Pin Up online casino

Enter the Pin Up Casino promo code to fight in the Aviator and get even more benefits. It gives you a welcome bonus and additional free spins on slot machines.

To take advantage of the offer, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the official Pin Up casino website;
  • Fill out the registration form on the official website;
  • Enter the promotional code in the appropriate field;
  • Get a bonus.

The Pin Up Casino Bonus will help you start racing Aviator with even more benefits.

Strategy for playing Aviator

Despite the seemingly simple process, Aviator is a real gift for everyone who builds his own winning schemes in the casino. Everyone can come up with an individual enrichment recipe, but there are already proven schemes that I would like to share. You can download the app and play on your phone.

  • If you really don’t want to wait but need to make money fast, this option allows you to bet within a limited minimum range. Abroad, we recommend taking a rating from 1.1 to 1.4. As experience shows, in most cases, the plane in Aviator usually flies along the route on these sections!
  • The second strategy is used by more experienced users on the official website. Access statistics, bet history and find the last 100 odds. You must add 1 hour to the time of this result and collect two bets at the same time. The first of them should have a coefficient of 35-40, and the second – 100. The logic of such actions in the casino is simple. The Pin Up casino mobile simulator is a sequential action of the Aviator algorithms and an incredible coefficient of 100 drops out every 1-1.5 hours. Perhaps your mathematical expectation will bring a profitable cash bonus!
  • Another mathematical approach. You can bet up to 1% of your current balance. You need to wait for the air transport to reach a coefficient of 1.5, and then click on the “Withdraw money” button. If you don’t win, the next Aviator bet must be increased by the amount you lost!
  • The last secret is to wait for the series to repeat at odds between 1.0 and 1.8 ten times in a row. Only after that you need to make two bets for the same amount and close from 5 to 15!

However, it is important to remember that no one can guarantee an immediate result at the casino online on the official website. On bad days, you can listen to the roar of the engine and walk away with the Aviator jackpot, but next month you won’t have to.

Autoplay and live betting

The user can start the Aviator slot machine in automatic mode. In such a situation, the Pin Up casino mobile slot is fully or partially placed under the control of a computer, GameXP Technologies writes with reference to the Game Machine developer. Slot machines are fully and partially transferred to a computer or phone – this is done through the menu with rates (bets). Everything is done simply: follow the link from the description to Aviator and enter the official website; press the Fast Locker button to switch between game control modes, or switch just before!

Aviator Pin Up Bet

What the computer controls when the reins pass to its chips Automatic Aviator allows you to customize everything to your liking. The player receives only the amount that he is willing to charge at PinUp casino. If you turn off the “auto-bet” slider, artificial intelligence will participate in all flights of the Aviator aircraft and will not miss a single turn. By disabling this option on your phone, you can wait for victory yourself.

The “auto-payout” feature in Aviator allows you to control when you need to receive your bet. Everything is simple here. If you enable this feature in the casino and set the coefficient, for example, 1.50, then the computer will automatically calculate the bet, unless, of course, the plane starts to fall earlier.

Up to 2 playing fields are available to the user, then all identical operations can be performed with the second one. Let’s say: manage the first one yourself or entrust it to the computer in the casino – it will show the winnings in an arbitrary range (depending on the selected mode). It is extremely beneficial to use such opportunities in the casino to create unique strategies in Aviator using the technology of generating random numbers from a file by clicking on the PlayStation icon.

Pin Up Aviator how to play

In live mode, you can fight in Aviator for free. To do this, a demo version has been created in which you can get the first experience and simply improve your own skills. Live, you can quickly check the lobby as the statistics on the left shows other users, their stakes, odds and winnings. Using this feature in Aviator, you can not only check the honesty of the casino slot, but also collect information that can be used in future bets. There is also the already mentioned chat, which is in constant motion from the communication of the players. You can download the application for Android from the official website of the casino or a mirror.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods at Pin Up Online Casino

After authorization and registration, you need to make a deposit in order to have fun for real money in Aviator. Pin-Up Casino mobile version offers a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods, so you can choose and download slot machines for Android that are right for you.

With these methods, you can deposit and withdraw some money.

  • Visa;
  • Mastercard;
  • Mobile Payments;
  • e-wallets;
  • Yandex money;
  • Bank transfer.


How are odds calculated in Spribe’s Aviator and when do I click the cashout button? We have collected the most popular questions on our official website.

How to play Aviator?

Big part of the game time you will watch the flight of the aircraft in the Aviator. The longer its path, the higher the coefficient (number), the value of which is displayed in the curve, and for users at the table, you must select the size of the bet or, at your discretion, press the “Cash” button or the “Exit” button.

If this was done before the aircraft had completed its flight, the winnings are calculated based on the PS4-Mobile/SpaceXP odds. In Aviator, users will have to choose between bet amounts, taking into account their actual position relative to each other: the flight speed of the aircraft must be at least 60% of the speed of sound when betting when viewing the image of the slot.

How to win in Aviator?

To start winning at the casino, the user must make a deposit Aviator. After that, you can bet money in games. There are many ways to hit the jackpot in Aviator. There are strategies developed by experienced players, or you can just wait for odds of 100 and cash out the jackpot. We recommend that you follow the statistics displayed on the screen.

How to get free spins in Aviator?

There are options not to spend money on this slot. You can try Aviator slot in demo mode or use free spins. You can get them in several ways. The first such casino bonuses are issued to new customers for registration, active Aviator users are regularly encouraged. You can also get free spins for participating in quizzes.

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