Aviator Game Strategy

Is there a strategy and tactics for winning the game Aviator? This popular crash game has not been around for very long, but has already become a favorite among players of all ages around the world. We will look at some of the different strategies that can be used in the game, as well as some tips and tricks that you can use to gain an edge over the casino. By the end of this read, you should have a good understanding of how to play effectively to maximize your chances of winning each round. So let’s dive in!



So, the first thing to understand is that there is some degree of cheating in this game, not cheating. We mean how the computer decides when to stop flying. It mainly depends on how much money the “computer” receives and how much it loses by giving it to the players. This is one of the factors by which he decides how much this multiplier will increase during the session.


So in general, if the computer has given out a decent amount of money, where almost all players are consistently winning, you can expect Instant Loss in the near future. The computer in Aviator just has to take money from players to balance things out.

Aviator Game Winning Strategy

Use these strategies below experienced aviator players and you can increase your winnings:

2.5 Aviator strategy

We will use hypothetical amounts when explaining these examples and will use R100 stakes. This Aviator strategy is pretty straightforward. You wait for 3 blue multipliers to pop in a row (blue multipliers are 1x), then you place 2 bets as there is a 60% chance of a purple multiplier coming up (purple multiplier from 2x to 10x).


This bet is manual, so you will have to cash it out yourself. Once the plane reaches 2.5x, you will cash out your first bet. Thus, you received a profit of 50 rubles. and covered both bets. R100 x 2.5x gives you R250 and you bet R200. The computer will recommend that you set a target for the second bet. Once you cash out the first bet you set a target (I will only cash out my second bet if it hits 10x or if I earn R1000), that is the target. This betting strategy takes time and you cannot be distracted.

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Aviator Game Strategy 2 bets on 2x multipliers

The 2 bet strategy is very similar to the 2.5 bet strategy, with the main difference being that it is a slightly more conservative and slightly safer option. So if you bet 100 rand per bet and cash out the first round of the plane 2x, you will only cover your bet per round at 2x the 100 rand while your bet is 200 rand per round. The resulting profit will come from the second plan. Most people tend to cash out 3x as this gives you a R100 profit. Again, you can decide what your goal is for each round.

Martingale or Doubling Down Strategy

This strategy is a “go big or go home” strategy! This is great if you get a lot of purple rounds in a row, but can also bankrupt you very quickly if there are a lot of blue rounds. Basically, if you lose or the plane flies off at odds between 1x and 1.99x, then the next time you bet, you will double your bet. Thus, if you played 100 rubles for a bet and lost, you need to cover 200 rubles for the previous bet and 200 rubles for this round. . Thus, now you will bet 200 rubles per bet in the next round. If you lose again, then you need to double again in the next round. You will need to cash out for 4x and up.

1.10 Aviator strategy

You need this strategy to use the autoplay settings in the game. You will set the automatic withdrawal of money to 1.10. This strategy is long, but there are rewards. You can play either 1 bet or 2 bets. Personally, we prefer 1 bet. So you will wager 100 rand and automatically cash out at 1.10x, which means you make a profit of 10 rand each round as it flies to 1.10x. You will notice that the plane very rarely flies at 1x speed. Usually flies at a speed of 1.11 up. You will play it all day long and will be very surprised how quickly you can earn 1000 rubles.


Target Strategy Aviator

This works best with a 2.5 or 2x strategy. You need to set yourself a goal in the background. For example, we will not cash out until the plane has taken off 5 times, which means a profit of 500 rubles. Or you can upgrade to 10x and earn 1000 rubles. Once you practice this strategy and learn the discipline, Aviator becomes a really fun game to play.

Strategy Aviator: Summary

  1. Pay attention to the wins/losses of others
  2. Ignore the big numbers when everyone is cashing out.
  3. Note when the last Instant Loss occurred (any number between 1.00 and 1.04. When the plane leaves early).
  4. Do not get fooled by the rewards of those people with small stakes, to which are x300.
  5. Don’t deviate from one-time risky bets or you’ll mess up your exponential curve.
  6. Patience, patience, patience
  7. Bigger balance = bigger stakes = bigger earnings for a given multiplier.

We hope you follow these Aviator strategy tips and make some money using these numbers and theory, make informed decisions and win!

In conclusion, the Aviator strategy is a winning program and tactics are essential for the players. By understanding the mechanics and rules of the game, you will be able to make better decisions during the game. Through practice and repetition, you can become an expert in this classic crash game. As with any skill-based activity, the more you practice, the better your payoff will be. So visit the Aviator game site today and start strategizing!

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