Game Aviator OlimpBet

The Aviator in Olimp paid online game allows players to increase their bet according to X100 odds. You can win 5,000 USD with just 50 USD.


Aviator is the next generation of gaming entertainment in a mobile app. Win multiple times in seconds! Aviator is built on a proven system of integrity that is the only real guarantee of integrity in the gaming industry today.

Aviator Olimp


But be aware! Your bet will be lost if you do not withdraw your money before the plane takes off. This is a game of chance, take risks and win with Aviator! Login on the official website of OlimpBet.

The essence of the game Aviator

Playing Aviator in the mobile application gives you the opportunity to feel like a pilot, and your earnings depend on the altitude of the aircraft. The height is equal to the coefficient (multiplication) that will be applied to your winning bet.

Aviator Olimp strategy
It is important to maintain a healthy balance and be able to stop the takeoff when necessary. If the aircraft stops climbing (the multiplier stops growing), it will be possible to press the bet redemption button in time.


If the rally stops before you cash out your bet, the funds are burned out. But if you do not spare money and can increase the bet by 2-3 times, success is guaranteed! Download the app or log in to the OlimpBet official website.

What is important to know

  • The win multiplier starts at 1x and increases as you climb.
  • Your winnings are equal to the product of the multiplier with which you made the payout and the amount of your bet.
  • Before the start of each round, an honest random number generator generates a multiplier with which the plane takes off. You can check if each round is fair using the features available in the game.

Aviator Spribe game algorithm

The Aviator Olimp algorithm is as simple as possible. On every spin you place a bet. Artificial intelligence causes multiplicative growth. At a certain (random) moment, the growth of the multiplier stops, and the bets of players who did not manage to pay them off during this time burn out.

Olimp Aviator how to play
In this regard, the Aviator Spribe application is 100% honest and non-interfering with the results of the game. In more detail, the coefficient by which the plane flew away is not generated on the servers of slot machines. It is generated by the players who participate in the round. Its generation is completely transparent. Also, everyone can check and confirm the fairness of the game.

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