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The game Aviator (Crash) at 1xbet casino is very popular. It is loved by users all over the world. Why does this project combine luck, certain risks and the opportunity to earn a lot of money? Traveling by plane will be impossible for you. In order to get a huge amount of money, you will have to make every effort. If you don’t want to lose all your money, be careful. If you gradually and smoothly increase your balance, your speed will increase. This strategy is also good.


Play Aviator (Crash) 1xbet online

Crash (or Aviator), as it is known to many gamers, is popular among gamers all over the world. The basics of Crash’s popularity: the idea of luck, risk and chance. The plane takes off, and then everything depends on you. Do you want to win a big amount of money? If you take the risk, the plane will fly for a long time. Or do you want to take risks and win a little each time, gradually increasing your gaming account? Why not, the strategy also works.



Registration in 1xbet to play Aviator (Crash)

To open all the possibilities of the resource, register on the official website of the game – 1xbet casino. Then the following will be available to you:

  • Real money bets;
  • Chat with other users;
  • Winning payout;
  • Contact support specialists.

It is worth noting that 1xbet registration also allows you to make sure that you are dealing with the official site, that is, there will be no fraud and divorce. The chances of winning will increase and the aviator experience will become even more fun.

Registration will only take a few minutes. There are several ways to do this:

  • Registration directly through 1xbet in one click.
  • Registration by phone number.
  • Registration by email.
  • Registration through social networks or various messengers.

Depending on which you choose, you will need to provide different information. However, you still need to write down your email address and phone number. You will never lose access to your 1xbet account, which is also very important. To receive money, you must specify your first and last name. You can also download the app for your Android phone.

Profile Verification

After registration, the 1xbet casino site will ask you for documents proving your identity. This is to ensure that you are an adult player and do not have multiple accounts.

The procedure is simple and will not take you much time. Just upload your passport photo and you will receive confirmation within 24 hours.

1xbet Login

Registration in the personal account of 1xbet casino is possible only for registered players.

Enter these details:

  • Email or ID;
  • Password.

After that, you just need to click on the “Connect” button. If necessary, the password can be recovered – a special form “Forgot your password?” The 1xbet website is designed for this purpose.

Aviator how to play

If the data is entered correctly, the user gets access to all the functionality of the personal account and the ability to play Aviator, which is called Crash on the site.

How to play Aviator (Crash) on 1xbet?

We are all used to our favorite game called Aviator. But you will not find it on the 1xbet casino site. Instead, you can play Crash at this casino.

Crash differs only in name. The rules are the same as in the original game:

You must bet before each round. The minimum bet in Crash is 30 cents. When the round starts, an airplane appears on the screen. With every second of flight, your chances will increase.

Your task is to collect the winnings before the plane disappears and the round ends. Consider an example of winning:

The rate is 0.50 cents. The plane has been flying for a long time and you decide to withdraw your winnings in x10. Thus, your winnings will be 0.5 * 10 = $5. In other words, you win 10 times more than you bet in 20-30 seconds. If you are satisfied with this amount, you can cash out or continue to bet, but for a larger bet.


So you can increase your balance from $1 to $100 or even $1,000. Crash game 1xbet casino is the best way to make money quickly and easily. But be careful, the plane sometimes flies only a second, it happens very rarely, but it is possible. So don’t bet all the money you have on one bet. Let’s look at an example of a loss:

Your bet is $1. You want to earn $30. To do this, enter the coefficient x30. And now the plane flies long enough, the coefficients are x20, x24, but this is not enough for you.

Do you want more. But suddenly the plane crashes on x28, and you were expecting x30. You don’t have time to withdraw your winnings, so your bet failed and you lost $1. This happens frequently. We advise you not to chase high odds, play x2-x3. So you will slowly but surely move towards your goal.

How to make a deposit to play Aviator?

There are several ways to fund your account on the site:

  • Banking Visa and MasterCard cards;
  • Piatrix;
  • Astropey;
  • Much better;
  • Fixed payment;
  • MoneyGO.

You can place bets immediately after registration. However, we recommend placing a bet, because playing for money is much more interesting.

Aviator (Crash) promo code for registration in 1xbet

Users of our site can use a personal promo code for the game Aviator 1xbet for a first deposit bonus.

Demo Aviator at 1xBet

You do not need to register to play Aviator at 1xBet casino. Go to their official website and go to the games section. You will find a pilot. The demo mode will help you practice, choose the right strategy. Once you understand what aviator is and how to play it for real money.

Why should you play Aviator at 1xbet?

1xbet is not only a bookmaker, but also a popular online casino with many games from trusted providers from all over the world. It is very good that there is also an aviator. You can play it not only for real money, but also in demo mode. Many players earn millions of dollars playing Aviator on 1xbet. Users note that they are the luckiest in this casino. You should definitely try!

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